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Brice Shirbach

Brice Shirbach

Media & Gravity

Hometown: Wilmington, Deleware
Age: 36
Height: 5'11"
Favorite Trail: “Aspen Draw”, Tucson, AZ, USA

Brice began riding as early as he can remember, and spent his formative years breaking bikes while flying down ATV trails in the mountains of Western Maryland. His professional career actually began racing XC, but he quickly realized that his sensibilities and body type were better suited toward gravity disciplines. Many years ago, Brice combined his passion for riding with his passion for photojournalism and video production, of which he studied in both high school and college, and began to focus on producing content centered around mountain biking. Today, he is devoted full time as a professional rider and a professional content creator, work in editorial, photographic, and video mediums. Brice and his wife Megan are parents to two amazing boys, Logan and Henry.


Featured athlete in the Teton Gravity Research series: “Singletrack Switzerland”
Creator of long standing Pinkbike video and editorial series, “Local Flavors”
2018 solo video, “Lovely. Dark. & Deep.” was recognized as Video of the Day on numerous mtb websites, and was featured at the Green Mountain Showdown festival


Brice rides:
LG Firebird V1
LG Switchblade Carbon
LG Trail 429