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Ear-to-ear grins come standard with the Pivot LES Fat.

The Pivot LES Fat is the world’s most versatile big-tire machine. Compatible with almost every wheelsize available, from fat bike to 27.5”+ to 29er, the LES Fat is a four season hardtail that can take you from singletrack to snow to sand without compromise.

Values in:

26" x 3.8" w/ 18mm lower cup

Seat Tube Length
15.00 in
17.00 in
19.00 in
Top Tube Length
22.90 in
23.90 in
24.75 in
Head Tube Length
4.00 in
4.60 in
5.25 in
Head Tube Angle
Seat Tube Angle
Chain Stay Length
17.20 in
17.20 in
17.20 in
Bottom Bracket Height
12.26 in
12.26 in
12.26 in
Standover Height
29.72 in
31.34 in
32.95 in
42.99 in
44.04 in
44.93 in
23.91 in
24.47 in
25.07 in
23.91 in
24.47 in
25.07 in
15.59 in
16.42 in
17.08 in
15.59 in
16.42 in
17.08 in

Graphics, colors, and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Fits all fat/plus wheelsizes (26 X 3.8, 26 X 4.8, 27.5+ and 29+) via Swinger II dropout system, without geometry compromises

Full carbon frame featuring proprietary hollow core internal molding technology

Optimized layup structure with svelte top tube and stay shaping for long ride and epic adventure comfort while featuring the largest downtube in the category

Full length internal cable routing via Pivot’s exclusive Cable Port System

Optimized narrow Q-factor design

Complete bikes include co-designed lower Q factor E-Thirteen fat bike-specific crankset

132mm wide press fit bottom bracket for light weight, durability and ease of maintenance

2x and 1x and singlespeed compatible

197mm rear spacing and optimized design clears 5" tires with massive clearance for unpacked snow, mud and sand

Pivot designed carbon fork with 150mm spacing

RockShox Bluto compatible


Pivot utilizes a proprietary hollow-core internal molding technology to create the highest quality handmade carbon frames available.

The full carbon frame of the Pivot LES Fat features leading-edge materials and our proprietary hollow-core, internal-molding process. This coveted technology enables us to create an ultra-lightweight frame featuring the largest downtube in the category and a 132mm Press Fit BB for best-in-class power transfer.

Great geometry with any wheel size

No matter what wheel/tire combination you choose, great handing characteristics are an imperative. The Swinger II dropout system allows the LES Fat to maintain ideal geometry via an indexed adjustment arc designed into the dropouts – the bigger the wheel and the more clearance you choose, the lower the bottom bracket.

In conjunction with the adjustable rear dropouts, we’ve also accounted for how changing wheelsizes affects the front of the bike. Included with every LES Fat frameset and complete bike are two lower headset cup options – when using a 29+ wheelset or the Rock Shox Bluto suspension fork, choose the Zero Stack option. For 26” wheel options, choose the 18mm cup.


Say hello to the easiest, cleanest and quietest cable routing solution – beloved by mechanics and Pivot owners alike.

Say goodbye to fishing for cables and never listen to rattling housing again. This future-proof internal routing offers huge access ports for fast, easy assembly, universal housing clamps that keep your bike quiet, full Shimano Di2 integration, and compatibility with all gearing and dropper configurations. The Pivot Cable Port System is easily updated to accommodate new technologies, making it the only future-proof routing system available.

Additional foul weather advantages are found in the Pivot Cable Port System. Internal routing for any component is easy to install and maintain via large, easy to access ports and interchangeable covers. Riders have the ability to switch between a variety of cable routing options, allowing for the cleanest possible installation. Rest easy knowing that no matter what components or gearing you choose, now or in the future, we have you covered.



The full carbon frame of the Pivot LES Fat features leading-edge materials and our proprietary hollow-core, internal-molding process. This coveted production technology enables us to create a best-in-class frame with the lighter, stiffer, stronger qualities needed to make a do-anything fat bike. In order to support a wide range of wheelsizes, while tracking and accelerating beyond expectations, the LES Fat features the largest downtube in the category, as well as optimized layup structure, top tube and seatstay/chainstay shaping. This proprietary design gives the LES Fat best in class power transfer and the vertical compliance that makes epic rides comfortable and fun.


The LES Fat features our patented Swinger II dropout system, enabling you to run almost any available plus or fat bike wheelsize, easily switch between singlespeed and geared drivetrains and choose your chainstay length based on conditions and desired handling characteristics. With the option to run every tire size from 26 X 3.8, 26 X 4.8, 27.5+, 29+ and anything in between, your bike is really a quiver of options that take you into any season and any condition. Riders also have the option to set chainstay length within the Swinger II system. The shortest possible setting gives you a flickable, playful ride previously unknown in the big tire category – we feature the shortest chainstays for every wheelsize category. Adjusting for maximum wheelbase and tire clearance (the LES Fat accommodates rubber up to 5” in width) gives you an incredibly stable ride for heavy loads and messy conditions.\


Ergonomics and gearing are the key to making a big-tire bike into your daily driver. We at Pivot expect to see the LES Fat in a wide variety of terrain and riding surfaces and in everything from racing events to multi week tours. For the best performance in both high and low cadence conditions, we’ve made sure that the LES Fat is both kind to your knees and that it accommodates a wide variety of 1x, 2x and singlespeed gearing set-ups. Massive chainstay clearance (up to 5” tires) is made even more useful with a q-factor and chainline much closer to that of bikes designed to cleat only 4” or smaller tires. You will find 197mm rear spacing on the LES Fat paired with a 15mm narrower knee-saving q-factor when built with the Pivot/E-Thirteen co-designed fat bike crankset that ships on every LES Fat complete bike. 2x and 1x gearing compatibility makes the LES Fat an ideal choice in any terrain. The LES Fat complete bike comes with a 1x set up, but the crank spider is 2x compatible. The frame features a low profile e-type mount included with both the frameset and complete bike that works with Shimano’s sideswing front derailleur. For those that prefer the simplest solution, the Swinger II dropout system also singlespeed compatible – no need to switch dropout hardware.


The LES Fat is RockShox Bluto compatible and includes a Pivot designed carbon fork with 150mm dropout spacing – one wheelset will work with both options. 2x and 1x gearing compatibility makes the LES Fat an ideal choice in any terrain, and the LES Fat rear spacing is 197mm with an ergo-friendly low Q-factor design when built with the Pivot/E-Thirteen co-designed fat bike crankset. The Pivot Cable Port System makes internal routing simple to install and maintain via large, easy to access ports and interchangeable covers. Easily switch between a variety of cable routing options for the cleanest installation. Additional details include integrated rear rack mounts, internal dropper post routing and 3 water bottle mounts – making the LES Fat the perfect choice for any big tire adventure.

Athletes on the LES Fat Carbon

Athletes on the
LES Fat Carbon

Sofia Gomez-Villafane


Which size bike should I purchase?

To ensure the best sizing, we recommend that you visit your local Pivot dealer to get a professional fit and refer to our geometry chart to check your measurements. However, we can provide a rough guideline:


Small: 5'5" – 5’9”

Medium: 5'9” – 5’11”

Large: 5’11”– 6’3”


Can I use a dropper post with this frame?

Yes, internally routed dropper posts are compatible with the LES.

What dropper post length should I use?

There are limitations that each dropper post have for each frame size based on the rider’s saddle height, so it is important to check fit before choosing the travel and model of dropper post for your LES. Use the Dropper Fit Guide under the Tech Specs section to help identify the right post length.

What is the hub/wheel spacing?

The LES Fat features 197mm x 12mm rear hub/wheel spacing. The front hub/wheel spacing is 150mm x 15mm.

Can you set up the LES Fat as a single speed?

Yes, the Swinger II dropout system makes it easy to switch between geared and single speed set ups. The LES comes spec’d with alloy hardware and is set at a fixed location. The Swinger II adjustable hardware kit includes everything you need to make the system fully adjustable for single speed use or to simply adjust the chainstay length for increased tire and mud clearance.

What wheel sizes are compatible?

The LES Fat is compatible with 26”, 27.5”+ and 29”+. 

What is the thread pitch on the rear axle?

We use a 1.5 thread pitch on the rear thru axle. You can order one through our online store.

How wide of a tire can I run on the LES Fat?

For 26” wheels with a 60-90mm rim, you can fit tires from 3.8”-5”.

For 27.5”+ wheels with a 38-55mm rim, you can fit tires from 2.8”-3.25”/

For 29” wheels with a 38-55mm rim, you can fit tires up to 3”. You can also build up standard 29” wheels on to 150mm and 197mm hubs to run more conventional trail tires (2-2.4”). 

What is the size of the seatpost?


What is the size of the seat clamp?

34.9mm (or 35mm as some manufacturers call it)

What front derailleur does the LES use?

An e-type side-swing style front derailleur - Shimano produces the e-type side-swing front derailleur in Deore & SLX for 10-speed drivetrains and XT & XTR for 11-speed drivetrains.

What crank and bottom bracket will work with my bike?

Any fat bike specific (197mm rear spaced) cranksets will work when paired with a 132mm press-fit BB. If the crankset you wish to use does not offer a pressfit BB option, Enduro, e-thirteen, and RaceFace offer pressfit BB cups compatible with 30mm spindles. Shimano, FSA, Chris King, Enduro and RaceFace offer pressfit BB cups compatible with 24mm spindles. 

What is the narrowest Q-Factor crank I can run?

The LES Fat has a Q-Factor of 210mm when paired with the Pivot/E-Thirteen co-designed fat bike crank that is included in all LES Fat Complete builds. This is similar to the Q-Factor on bikes designed for the narrower 170mm rear hub spacing.

What is the maximum size chain ring I can run?


What headset do I need?

Zero stack (ZS) 44mm top and ZS 56mm bottom (or a Chris King Inset 2)

What is the largest rotor I can fit?


Do I need a rear brake adapter?

No rear brake adapter is needed for a 160mm rotor. If you would like to put a 180mm rotor on, you will need a direct mount post-to-post adapter.

What travel fork can I use?

The LES Fat was designed for fork lengths between 90-120mm.

What is the fork offset?


How do I allow for multiple headset stack heights when cutting the carbon fork steer tube?

When installing your Pivot carbon fat bike fork, it is important to note that the steer tube should be cut long enough to allow for the use of the 18mm lower headset cup. If you are setting your bike up with the zero stack cup, placing an additional 15mm spacer on the steer tube when measuring will ensure that it is long enough to take advantage of the versatility of the LES Fat.

Is the LES Fat a good choice for bikepacking?

Yes, the integrated rear rack mounts make this bike great for bikepacking. Please consult with the rack manufacturer for clearance and fit details.

Can I mount a chainguide on the LES Fat?

Yes, the LES Fat features ISCG05 mounts, most upper guides on the market will fit.

How many bottles can I fit on my bike?

There are three bottle cage mounts on the LES Fat.

What are the torque specs?

A detailed PDF of the torque specs can be found in the Tech Specs section.