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What Pivot Should I Buy?

Category lines are blurred like never before thanks to Pivot’s versatile designs, but each model has its unique personality – let the following guide steer you towards the perfect bike.


You’re an all-around trail rider that loves 29er wheels and/or is looking for 
something just slightly more aggressive than the Mach 5.5 Carbon and will allow
you to race enduro and/or focus a bit on more technical terrain: 
Switchblade or Switchblade Aluminum 
On paper the Switchblade and Mach 5.5 Carbon look like nearly identical bikes,
but on the trail, the Switchblade is a more aggressive bike capable of excelling in
the most technical terrain.  On the flip side of this, the Switchblade with 27.5” Plus
wheels is often the best all-around trail bike for someone looking for maximum confidence and traction.
The 27.5” Plus wheels will make a less technically proficient rider more confident in all conditions. 




You’re a trail rider or Enduro rider who wants an extremely capable bike in technical terrain.
You are ok with climbing but with the purpose of getting to the descents.
You may even entertain the occasional bike park trip and need a bike that can handle
your day to day shredding and also be able to tackle the bike park:  
Mach 6 Carbon or Mach 6 Aluminum







You’re an all-around trail rider - you simply want the best all-around trail bike that’s
confidence inspiring and won’t hold you back in technical situations but also be happy to
climb all day if that’s what the ride entails:  Mach 5.5 Carbon. You may do the
occasional 24-hour race, or you may even ride the occasional enduro, but that’s not your focus.
Basically, this is one of our offerings that crosses all boundaries and is the one
bike to do it all and make you a better rider while doing it. Plus, it’s one of the only bikes
that’s compatible with the latest  Fox LIVE electronic suspension technology blurring the
category lines like never before.







You’re an all-around trail rider that does the occasional race or endurance racer that 
likes to have some extra travel in reserve:  Trail 429 If your trail riding does not lean 
towards the extreme end of the spectrum then this bike is for you. This bike has cross
country levels of climbing efficiency but don’t let that prowess fool you – we also gave
this bike incredibly capable geometry that when paired with 29er wheels (or 27.5+) lets
you attack technical trails with surprising confidence. For many riders that don’t lean
towards the full enduro end of the spectrum, this is their one bike that can do it all.  







You are a cross country racer competing in short track or on smoother, climb 
intensive courses where light weight and efficiency are priorities: LES or LES 27.5
The LES hardtail is another popular choice for our race teams on smother courses and
short track races because of the carbon frame’s incredibly light weight and stellar power
transfer. New school progressive race geometry and 29er wheels let the LES attack
descends and make up time where others struggle. The LES 27.5 is great for smaller riders and
NICA racers who might have fit compromises on 29ers. LES hardtails are
ultra versatile too thanks to its Swinger II dropouts that allow for simple, reliable
single speed or geared setups.





You are a cross country racer that is either under 5’5” or a cross country oriented 
trail rider that prefers the quick acceleration, maneuverability and playfulness that 27.5” wheels offer: 
Mach 4 Carbon This was Chloe Woodruff’s choice for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Like the 429SL, the Mach 4
Carbon is offered in two build types: one with the versatility of a 130mm travel Fox 34
Step Cast fork and more aggressive Maxxis Ardent Race 2.35 tires or speed focused XC
Race builds with 100mm travel 32 Step Cast forks and fast rolling Maxxis Ikon tires.






You are an XC Racer wanting the fastest bike to get you around the race course or 
you just love to climb: Mach 429SL. Nothing carries speed like 29er wheels, so this 
is a common choice for the  Stan’s-Pivot Pro Team p/b Maxxis. The 429 SL is 
surprisingly capable for light duty trail riding and for endurance style events when built 
with the 120mm travel  Fox 34 Step Cast fork and more aggressive Maxxis Ardent tires. 
We also offer this bike in  competition ready XC Race builds with 100mm travel 
Fox 32 Step Cast forks and speedy Maxxis Ikon tires.





You’re a rider that likes to ride the most technical terrain, enduro races that mimic 
(or are) world cup DH courses, and double black diamond bike park runs or you
just spend the majority of your time in a bike park.  You may even hit the
occasional DH race.  These bikes still climb amazingly well so many riders chose these
just because they know that they will never be under gunned in the most technical 
situations:  Firebird or Firebird 29. We offer the firebird in two dedicated wheel sizes
for riders with different needs or preferences. Those wanting maximum maneuverability, 
cornering snap and acceleration out of corners should choose the 27.5 version – this is
the preferred version for Pivot Factory team racer, Bernard Kerr.  Anyone seeking
maximum momentum, stability, traction and straight-line speed will love the
Firebird 29 – this is the choice of Pivot Factory racer Eddy Masters who has taken this bike
to top three EWS finishes and stage wins against the fastest enduro racers on the planet.



You’re a downhill rider/racer and/or just like to have the most travel available in a bike park: Phoenix.
This is the bike of choice for our Pivot Factory Racing World Cup Team and it has 
been proven with wins at the highest level of competition including the Redbull Hardline.










You ride snow, sand, and soft surfaces: LES Fat The ultra-high volume tires of this 
bike let you ride and have fun on surfaces that you would otherwise be pushing on 
a normal mountain bike. Our Swinger II dropouts let you use a widest variety of tire 
sizes to match the surface you’ll be riding on.








You ride roads of all types including gravel, pavement and/or race cyclocross: Vault 
The Vault is the king of road versatility. With a simple change of tire size and type, 
the Vault can morph to any kind of road and is an extremely capable cyclocross race bike. 
Underscoring this versatility is the fact that the Vault is ridden to top finishes by the 
Pivot Cycles/Maxxis pb Stan’s/DNA Cycling team at the elite level at international events 
and has won criterium and cyclocross races on the same weekend.







You want to ride farther, climb steeper and with less effort but still want a  
high-performance mountain bike that’s capable of shredding on nearly any trail: Shuttle 
This full carbon fiber class 1 Shuttle eMTB is the world’s lightest and is powered by 
Shimano’s amazing STEPS E8000 system that provides 250 watts of electric assist. 
The Shuttle is ideal for a wide variety of riders: gravity focused riders who want to
self-shuttle to the top, riders who can’t get enough but still want to ride on their 
“days off”, those who wish to climb impossibly steep trails, ride what would otherwise 
be a total beatdown or include a riding partner with less fitness. In other words, the 
Shuttle eMTB is for everybody.