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Jordi Bago

Jordi Bago

Enduro, Downhill

Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
Age: 41
Height: 173cm / 5'8"
Favorite Trail: Schaldming: Austia

Jordi started racing at the age of 10 and shortly after started racing the XC national series and eventually moving on to downhill. He hit his first downhill World Cup at the age of 15 and raced through 2015. Jordi not only focused on racing bikes but also studied at the University of Barcelona. He has since started focusing on media collaborations, where you may have seen him on programs such as the Discovery Channel’s Adventure on Earth and BBC’s Wonders of the Moon. You can be sure to find Jordi traveling around the world, making his mark in 2019.  


2018: 3rd Master's Downhill World Championships - Andorra
2018 BBC: Wonders of the Moon documentary
2017, 2018: 1st Sea Otter Master's DH


Jordi rides:
MD Mach 5.5 Carbon
MD Phoenix
MD Firebird 29
MD Switchblade